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STA provides a complete roadworthiness inspection service compliant with the requirement of LTA for all types of vehicles including motorcars, motorcycles, taxis, buses, light good vehicles and heavy goods vehicles.

Conforming to the legislation of Singapore, a complete roadworthiness inspection involve,

  • Brake Efficiency Test
  • Exhaust / Smoke Test
  • Headlight Test
  • Sound Level Test
  • Side Slip / Wheel Alignment Test
  • Above Carriage Inspection
  • Under Carriage Inspection
  • Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test (for diesel-driven vehicles only)
  • Taximeter Test

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Unable to find a time for vehicle inspection due to a tight schedule during office hours?

Don't worry. STA has extended its operating hours to 8pm on weekdays! Now you have more time to head down to our inspection centres located at Jalan Boon Lay and Sin Ming Road, so you won't be late for your vehicle inspection and road tax renewal.


1. Do the extended operating hours apply to all STA inspection centres?


2. Do the extended operating hours apply to Sat?

No. It is only on Monday to Friday.

3. Will the inspection fee be higher during the extended hours?

No. The usual fees will apply.

4. Where exactly is the location of Sin Ming and Jalan Boon Lay inspection centre?

Find out the location here.

5. What are the operating hours of the inspection centre after the extended hours?

Mon-Fri: 8am to 8pm.

Sat: 8am to 5pm

Sun & PH: Closed