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STA provides independent accident assessment, investigation and reconstruction services to the motoring public, authorities, enforcement agency, insurance companies, legal firms and others. Our professional services and reports cover:

Mechanical Assessment:

  • Examine the mechanical condition of the vehicle
  • Examine the accident/medical report
  • Determine the efficiency and functioning of vehicle systems
  • Determine the cause of mechanical failure and the cause of accident

Accident Reconstruction:

  • At scene investigation, measurement and photograph evidence
  • Analysis of speed, environmental and traffic way factors
  • Analysis of vehicle damages
  • Analysis of the behavior, physical and mental condition of the person involved
  • Examine the accident/medical report
  • Interview driver, victim and witness
  • Establish other contribution factors of the accident
  • Determine the cause of accident and liability

Our team of reconstructionists provide professional consultation, litigation discussion, court attendance and expert witness to assist in trial and court hearing.

For more information and enquiries, please call 6210 4721 or 9880 6411.