ERP2.0 On-Board Unit (OBU)

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  • For Vehicle Fleet OBU Installation, contact us at 64521398 for arrangement.

For Cars and Other Vehicles
A three-piece design, comprising a Processing Unit, an Antenna Unit, and an optional Touchscreen Display.

If you choose not to install the Touchscreen Display, you can download a mobile application instead.

For Motorcycles
A single-piece unit with a small touchscreen tailored for mounting on a motorcycle.

Processing Unit

  • Responsible for processing all payment related transactions
  • Facilitates CEPAS card insertion
  • Mounted at the side of the front passenger footwell by default
  • Depending on the make and model of the vehicle, technicians will do a technical assessment to see if this position is feasible
  • The authorised installer will confirm the location with motorists before installing the OBU

Antenna Unit

  • Communicates with the satellite system and carpark gantries
  • Mounted on the windscreen

Touchscreen Display

  • Notifies drivers about ERP and parking payments, and card balance
  • Mounted on the glass windscreen, in front of the antenna, for easy viewing by the driver.
  • Provides road safety information, such as locations of nearby school zones, Silver Zones, bus lanes and speed cameras
  • Displays information in an easy-to-read graphical or numerical format, with minimal wording, similar to ERP gantries and road signs
  • Allows driver to control the volume of OBU alerts